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Dishwashers have come a long way and have made an impact on American lives. With the advancement of the latest technology and so the American lifestyle that follows with it, dishwashers help mold the ever-changing evolution of how we live.

A dishwasher is a homeowner’s daydream assistant as it helps long and tedious daily chores, especially for housewives. Since it’s an invention in late 1886 by Josephine Garis Cochran, an American inventor from Shelbyville, Illinois, the household lifestyle has changed the way we care about our dishes and the housework of every family in America.

Appliance Doctor, Inc. your trusted and certified appliance repair specialist in Florida helps you identify dishwasher forewarning signs to look out for:

Dishwasher Cannot Pump Water

The dishwasher is equipped with a computer circuit inside that has a sensor to pump water in and out. You need to repair if the sensor becomes dirty, stuck up, and broken. Sensor replacement is what you need if the pump has failed. When this happens, better to call the professionals. It is advisable not to turn on the dishwasher to pump water because it will overheat and breakdown.

Dirty Dishes

Unclean dishes can be caused by the clogging of drain screens by food and other small items in the bottom which got blown around by the water and end up sticking to the dishes. Another is the soap which is not effective. Most modern dishwasher soaps do not require rinsing dishes, if you are rinsing then it is the soap.

Leaking Dishwasher

If you find water is dripping from the dishwasher’s sides or bottom, the culprit is the door seal that is not functioning well. Even though the machine is working well but still there is leaking, it is time to call the experts for door seal replacements. Before calling the technicians, try to check if dishes are pushing against the door, with its slightest pressure could open the door in which water can overflow all over the kitchen.

After a Wash Cycle, the Dishes are Cool

Dishwashers have heating coils at the bottom of the machine which during the dishwashing process rinses and washes the dishes. If the dishes are not hot after every washing, better to contact the professionals for assistance.

Suggestion Tip:

Check the warranty on the machine. If you are fortunate that it is still under warranty, chances are you will not have to pay a single dime, thus saving you money.

If ever you may able to repair your dishwasher by yourself, good for you. But if you find the dishwasher a bit complicated that you have second thoughts of breaking the machine than fixing it, or simply you have no time for a small do-it-yourself project call Appliance Doctor Inc. for your dishwasher repair and other services.

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