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A leaky ice maker might drip into the ice bin and may cause ice clumps to form, or leak outside of the refrigerator or freezer and create a puddled mess on the surface below. Some of the most common causes of, and potential solutions for, a leaky refrigerator ice maker include:

1. Jammed Ice Clumps

Cause: Ice clumps can form in the ice bin or the dispenser chute for a variety of reasons, which may result in a leak when compartment temperatures fluctuate or ice in the chute comes in contact with warmer air outside of the refrigerator.

Solution: Gently break up blockages with a long plastic or wooden handle, like a spatula, for hard-to-reach places. Some ice clumps may be too large or lodged to break up without damaging the unit. In this case, remove and defrost the ice bin or, if ice is lodged in the dispenser, place a towel and dish below the chute and allow the ice to thaw naturally.

2. Unlevel Refrigerator or Ice Maker

Cause: Ice in your refrigerator may melt slightly when there’s fluctuation in temperature within the compartment. An unbalanced refrigerator can prevent melted ice from accessing the drain intended to carry it away, which may result in leaky water pooling in the ice bin or traveling outside of the area.

Solution: First, use a leveler to ensure that the ice maker floor is level. If the results show any misalignment, you may need to reinstall the ice maker to ensure it’s level, or adjust the refrigerator feet if the entire unit is unlevel.

3. Misaligned Fill Valve and Cup

Cause: The ice trays, or fill cup, built into your ice maker are filled by a water spigot located near the tray. If the spigot and fill cup are misaligned, water may not make it into the fill cup and will leak directly into the icemaker. This water pools and may leak out of the bin before it can freeze.

Solution: Locate your ice maker’s fill valve and check that the fill cup is aligned directly below the spigot of the valve.

Not Sure How to Fix Your Ice Maker?

If you’re still wrestling with a faulty ice maker, it may be time to call a repair service.

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