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Having a refrigerator dispenser has its advantage in terms of convenience until it fails to dispense water and ice. Wondering why your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice? There are a few common causes for this to occur. Appliance Doctor, Inc. have listed some troubleshooting tips below to assist you in identifying the source of the issue.

1. Water Filter

Common indications of a malfunctioning Frigidaire refrigerator dispenser include water filter problems. If water does not flow through the filter, it will not supply the dispenser for the production of water and ice.


2. Water Supply

The refrigerator’s water line is a made of flexible tube that carries water from your home’s water source to the refrigerator. A water input valve on the line opens and shuts to permit the passage of water. Both of these components may disrupt the refrigerator’s water supply, resulting in malfunctioning dispenser and ice maker.

Take into consideration the following water supply problems if your Frigidaire water dispenser is not functioning:

3. Dispenser Control Board

The dispenser control board regulates the majority of the dispenser system’s functionality. If just one dispenser component is malfunctioning, it is likely that a single component has failed. In this instance, each dispenser component must be examined before to the control board. If the whole dispenser system is malfunctioning, it is more probable that the control board is at issue.

4. Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switches provide the dispenser with electricity. If one of the switches on the dispenser is damaged, the dispenser will not function. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of each switch to discover whether a dispenser switch is malfunctioning. Replace the dispenser switch if it lacks continuity.

5. Door Switch

When the refrigerators door is open, the door switch stops the ice and water dispenser. If the door switch malfunctions, the dispenser will not activate. Use a multimeter to detect whether the door switch is malfunctioning by testing its continuity. Replace the door switch if it lacks continuity when triggered.

6. Main Control Board

The primary control board might be malfunctioning. However, the control board is only to blame for this issue. Before replacing the control board, all dispenser components must be inspected. Consider replacing the main control board if none of the dispenser’s components are damaged.

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