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Nowadays, becoming a homeowner is never easy. The responsibility of maintaining and sustaining the appliances of our homes should be well established by keeping them in good working condition.

Without our refrigeration appliances like freezers and ice makers, our food and drinks would be spoiled, contaminated and damaged, making our everyday way of life difficult and inconvenient.

One of the most important refrigeration appliances is a freezer. Besides being great space storage for our foods and drinks, freezers help us to prevent, or to stop spoiling our food and drinks from bacterial contamination and unstable room temperatures.

Freezing is a simple way of preserving our foods. After buying foods like meat, vegetables, fruits, and other sustainable bodily items, we need to keep them in a stable temperature by keeping them frozen, to preserve and keep them from being contaminated by bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses are dangerous to anyone’s health once ingested, drank or consumed in any way making the person ill and sick. Proper storage and preservation of our foods and drinks are necessary in order to have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The next appliance is an ice maker, another indispensable home-helper appliance. Ice makers are so useful in making more ice in preserving and freezing our foods like meat, chicken, fish products, and other drinks like soda, juices, and other frozen drinks. Some ice makers and the water dispenser of refrigerators are connected, which they should be both functioning and in good working condition.

For the freezer, in order to keep up to be in a stable condition, always remember to clean the coils regularly. A good monthly routine cleaning will help extend its lifetime use. You simply use warm and soapy water to clean inside out. Another, defrost occasionally your freezers. Defrost especially when you see your freezer is having thick ice and the smell is exhibiting unpleasant odors. Defrosting your freezer twice a month is enough to keep it maintained normally.

Another for ice makers, keeping up its cleanliness is essential since bacteria and viruses are frozen temporarily they should be discarded or emptied out of the ice maker in order not to contaminate your food and drinks altogether. Changing the water filter once or twice a year is good enough, but it depends on how often the ice maker and water dispenser are used.

Always keep your ice maker clear of any food or drink that you load in your freezer. Here are some steps in cleaning your refrigerator’s ice maker. First, clean the ice maker by turning off first and shutting off the water flow. Then remove the ice din and discard any remaining ice. By using a mixture of warm water and dish soap with a soft sponge, clean the insides of the ice bin. Next, while the bin dries, you should wipe down the ice dispenser’s opening. Once everything is cleaned and dried, you can place the ice bin back in the freezer and turn it into the ice maker and water flows back on. Remember to discard the first batch of ice made, as it may contain some residual cleaning solution.

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