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When buying a new range, there are a hundred folds of choices you will eventually notice. Sounds familiar, right? Perhaps, you might be asking yourself such as” Do I want gas or electric?” Go for smooth top or electric coils? How many ovens do I need most? Or most specifically, what type of oven do I need?

Cooking for your loved ones or prefer to perform baking because it is a cup of your tea, looking for a good range is one of the most important appliance decision makings you will be doing in your home.


What to Consider when Buying a New Range?

Kitchen Aid Slide in Ranges
Kitchenaid Freestanding Ranges


For the information of everyone, freestanding ranges are considered to be the top sellers and easiest to install while slide-in ranges provide a custom, built-in look and easily slide in between surrounding cabinets.

Jennair 30inch Range
Jennair 36inch Range
Jennair 48inch Range


30 inches or 76. 2 centimeters wide are the majority of electric and gas ranges size. On the other side, most pro-style ranges begin at 30 inches wide. However, it can climb to 48 inches the moment you custom-design the said ranges with extra burners and ovens, or add-ons like integrated grills, griddles, or woks.

Kenmore 4.8c.u ft. Oven


The moment a person bakes or entertains, a spacious oven comes into the picture. Appliance Repair measures customers’ oven space they can preferably use when they start to perform their passion in the kitchen. Apparently, Appliance Repair Services are used to test the smallest oven in the making which is more or less 2 cubic feet and the larger ones are almost 4 cubic feet.

Kitchenaid Single Oven Range
Jennair 48inch Range

One Oven or Two?

At present, the majority of the ranges are in single – and double – oven configurations. Double-oven ranges possess a smaller oven on its upper portion and a larger oven on its lower part. They’re highly recommended to be the greatest choice if you want to bake two different foods or roast two different types of meat having different temperatures.

Fuel Types

1. Gas Type

Typically, it is a requirement that a gas range access a gas connection. They normally have a 15,000-BTU power burner and a 5,000 BTU simmer burner. The better choice is a range having sealed burners or with open burners. The former comes with a cap that rests on top of the flame for greater control while the latter leaves the flame open with nothing inhibiting the flow of oxygen.

Kenmore Dual Fuel

2. Electric Type

Electric ranges come with a coil, smooth-top, or even induction element. Transfer of heat when cooking takes place is provided by the coil elements. To ensure easy clean up on the continuous surface, the smooth-top elements are being found beneath the cooking surface.

Kenmore Electric 2 Ranges

3. Induction Type

Electromagnetism via electricity is responsible for an induction cooker. It rests under the units’ surface in order to generate heat at the bottom of the pot or pan of an appliance. Thus, induction burners simply require the use of magnetic cookware in order to create this reaction.

Kitchenaid Induction Double Oven

4. Dual Fuel Type

A dual-fuel range gives the benefits gained from electric and gas ranges vice versa. A gas cooktop gives accurate burner control that’s only present with an open flame. Typically, dual-fuel ranges require a 240-volt electrical outlet and are designed with a gas hookup.

Kitchenaid Burner Electric Double Oven

5. Burner Styles

You might agree that the cheapest range is somewhat the most difficult to clean up. Why? Appliances like these possess electric coil burners that are extremely difficult to clean because of the materials they are made up of. Though there are some cheap models, consumers can get easy-to-clean glass-top electric models. While expensive ones are fast, use less energy, and are easy to clean since the high end of the spectrum are state-of-the-art induction burners.

Kenmore Gas Ranges

Ease-of-Use Features

As ranges sold at greater prices, consumers will think twice before purchasing such an appliance. But it is more to look for the beauty in it because they feature bigger and better viewing windows. Additionally, they feature brighter interior lighting and temperature probes that alert the user when the roast is done. They also feature porcelain-coated racks in place of chrome ones that don’t stand up to the heat of self-cleaning and thus must be get rid of in the long run.

Controls and Settings

High-priced ranges are technologically advanced, controls begin with simple knobs for a clock. Capable of enhancing preset cooking step-by-step problem-solving procedures. Delayed bake and warm and hold settings are helpful for the home cook who wants a hot meal waiting after a long and tiring day of work.

Worth for Repair?

Another thing you need to consider when choosing a range when it has faults and needs repair, is it worth buying a new one or contact a range repair company? Also, does it parts available in the market?

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