You are currently viewing 5 Common Problems Encountered with Your Washer & Dryer

Washer and dryer machines sometimes need troubleshooting. Below are the five most common problems with solutions by Appliance Doctor, your trusted professional doctor of appliances.

Problem No. 1: The machine has no power.

The most common problem: Power loss due to a faulty outlet, a faltered circuit breaker, or even a simple unplugged power cord.

Solution: Using the machine for a long time may cause its motor to lock up and temporarily stop functioning. Even if cooling it down temporarily and switching it on again fails, better off call the professionals at Appliance Doctor, technically it could be a defective fuse, broken switch or malfunctioning thermostat.

Problem No. 2: Water Leakage

Leaking water issues are sometimes manageable Several issues just need a simple understanding and small initiative.


First, check-up the hose’s connection and tightness and also its washers that might be damaged due to its overuse. Don’t forget the faucets and water sources that could be spewing out water also.

Secondly is a damaged gasket or seals. Over usage tends to break the tub’s main seal which requires the professionals’ services of Appliance Doctor. Third, check for blocked drains. Drain hoses usually get clogged with hair, lint, crumpled fibers or even that missing handkerchief.

Problem No. 3: The washer will not drain.

Solution: You can do washer repair by checking the drain pump, probably due to wear and tear it just needs replacement. Double-check also the drain pipes connection that may have blocked hoses, and obstructions from small coins or even underwear caught between the pump and the basket.

Problem No. 4: The dryer generates little heat or no heat at all.

Solution: Dryer repair or troubleshooting dryers, most of the time Appliance Doctor technicians are needed, especially whenever the ignitor stops generating heat, thermal fuses are blown or heating elements burnt. Better to call the expert than tinkering and worsening the problem.

Problem No. 5: Failure to Spin

Solution: Usually a damaged or loosened belt where the motor is functioning normally causes the machine’s drum to malfunction. With some washing machine models, the spinner stops to spin if the door’s switch is damaged or not properly closed. Lid switches have safety design features that if you intend to insert your hand inside a spinning machine, the cycle stops when you open the lid so if the lid switch is damaged, the washer will not spin.

If for some reason you still have problems doing washer and dryer repairs, maybe it’s time to call the professionals, trusted and experienced in appliances services. At Doctor Appliance, we repair and supply appliance parts for all variety of appliances from washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers and ice makers, dishwashers, ranges and ovens, microwaves and garbage disposals.

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