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Appliance Doctor, Southwest Florida’s leader in refrigerator repair, has gathered information from some of the biggest brands to share what technological innovations and advancements we can expect in the refrigeration industry.

1. Glass-doors

Glass doors are functionally designed with double glazed glass which boost refrigeration efficiency. Additionally, glass doors provide attractive displays, and are easy to stock, organize and clean.


Refrigerator with Glass Doors

2. Craft Ice Makers

Fridges are meant to be built with ice makers for years, however, technological advancements keep refrigerators developing and upgrading. Latest fridge ice maker trends are designed to produce ice of much higher quality, increased quantity, and/or more quickly.

Fridge with High-End Ice Maker

3. Ethylene Filters

Ethylene, a naturally produced plant ripening hormone, controls the processes correlated with the ripening of fruit. The removal of ethylene gas yields product freshness, longevity, and waste reduction.

Air Filter Removers for Ethylene

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, and Bosch are some of the pioneers to integrate Artificial intelligence into their fridges.

Artificial Intelligence Features:

5. Convertible Bins

Unique technological innovations like convertible bins permit different temperatures in separate compartments. This separation promotes organization based on desired temperatures to avoid spoilage and contamination.

Fridges with Convertible Bins

6. Double Evaporators

Typically fridges have single evaporators, which allow humidity from the freezer to seep inside the fridge. Double evaporator fridges prevent this from happening, so you can enjoy your ice cream without the smell of fish or salami.

Refrigerators with Double Evaporators

7. Door-in-Door Designs

A door-in-door is a concealed compartment that opens when pressing a button. It allows access to frequently used items without opening the entire refrigerator, letting warm in, and is useful for anyone lingering in front of an open fridge deciding between snacks.


Fridges with Door-in-Door Designs

8. Door Alarms

Door alarms provide notification of an ajar door to prevent prematurely spoiled foods and increased energy costs.


Refrigerators with Door Alarms

9. Self-Diagnostics

“Smart fridges” ability to self-diagnosis issues is one of their biggest benefits.
For example, if you discover a problem with your fridge:

Fridges with Self Diagnostics
  1. Call the refrigerator company
  2. This will send a signal to the fridge
  3. The fridge will self-identify the problem
  4. The fridge will notify the company
  1. A technician will arrive at your property with the replacement parts to fix the problem.
  2. Consequently, your service repairs are quicker and cost less.

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